Entrepreneurship Week is actually two weeks in Maine!
8-15 and 15-22, 2014
Entrepreneurs drive our economy and enrich our lives.
 They create most of our jobs and solve problems. When entrepreneurs succeed, communities thrive.


Celebrating the History of
Maine Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship in Maine has been alive and well throughout Maine's history. Consider the challenges and victories of Mainers since the beginning.

William Sulinski

Jason CianchetteCreateMaine

Young Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs tell their inspiring stories to an audience of young people.


Celebrating Maine's
Resources for New and
Established Entrepreneurs
Through a state-funded grant, Maine Business Works provides resources for the success of entrepreneurs. Visit online at


February 8-22, 2014
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Celebrating Education
for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship is critical to advancing the state economy. What better way to advance entrepreneurship than by teaching our own to succeed. E-week in Maine highlights ongoing efforts to educate Maine people in entrepreneurship.


Celebrating Environmentally
Conscious Entrepreneurs
What do we value in Maine but our way of life and environment? Many Maine entrepreneurs share these values. Learn about the exciting initiatives of people who love Maine, the way Maine is meant to be.

Becky Stockbridge




Celebrating All Entrepreneurs
Future entrepreneurs are the future of a healthy Maine economy. E-week in Maine provides the stories, inspiration, ideas and resources to promote the entrepreneurial adventure. Own your job! Encourage the promising entrepreneurs around you.

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